Women declare war on the Stingy men

Stingy women association give them nothing

Women declare war on the stingy men https://youtu.be/YrZOgKbCy94https://youtu.be/YrZOgKbCy94https://youtu.be/YrZOgKbCy94

Some group of women #stingywomenssociation and #stingyladiesassociation has declared open war against their male counterparts #stingymenassociation online.

This online war will be fun to watch ooo

Who is winning this war? The ladies or the men?

Live scores needed.

#stingymenassociationofnigeria #stingymenassociationofghana #stingymenassociation of South Africa



Live recue operation with helicopter https://youtu.be/YrZOgKbCy94

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