Ukrainian lady exposes how to drive a Russian Tank

Ukrainian lady show how to drive Russian armored tanks

As the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine escalate, a young Ukrainian lady on Tiktok is teaching how to drive or move a parked Russian Armored Tank.

The video on Tiktok is now one of the most famous trending videos online. In the video, the beautiful Ukrainian lady showed her followers how to drive the Russian tank.

This video was released during the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The current President of Russia Vladimir Putin has invaded its brother country Ukraine and declared war on them.

Since then there have been a steady bombardment of the country killing millions of civilians and soldiers and displacing others.

Also millions of Ukranians are in the run to neighboring countries as refugees. Their homes is being destroyed by heavy Russian tanks, war planes and bombs.

Ukraine lady teaches how to drive a Russian Tank on Tiktok

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