Terrorists kill many inside Catholic Church on Sunday

Advertisements Watch full video when Terrorists invade a Catholic Church today Sunday kill over 30 worshippers in Ondo State Nigeria. The full details of the terrorist attack is still sketchy. Nigerian police say investigation is ongoing on how over 30 worshippers were gunned down and killed inside church in Owo Ondo State. Follow Vivoexpress WispersContinue reading “Terrorists kill many inside Catholic Church on Sunday”

Biafran soldiers display their missiles in readiness for war

Advertisements Some Biafran freedom fighters display their warfare, missiles and weapons in readiness for war against the Nigerian government. watch video below. Read more Why Valery never wants to see her Dad ever again https://fb.watch/dot-Af2NaT/

LGBTQ Pride month begins today June 1

Advertisements LGBTQ , Gay and Lesbian fans all over the world today is celebrating their yearly pride month to which begins today June 1, 2022. Follow to see how people in your neigh Is celebrating. LGBTQ Pride month begins today June 1 https://fb.watch/dox_Uv3nNI/

Rochas Okorocha’s arrest latest details

Advertisements One good thing you should learn from Rochas Okorocha today is how he led his family in prayers during the face of temptation…. Even the prayer warrior daughter speaking in tongues. Rochas Okorocha family release full details of what happened when EFCC came to arrest him. Video Credit: Rochas family

Why Valery never wants to see her Dad ever again

Advertisements Why is it that Valery never wants to see her Dad ever again after the death of her mother. This young lady Valery vows never to see her Dad again but instead stay with K.O family In the video circulating on social media. Valery called in on an online live video to tell herContinue reading “Why Valery never wants to see her Dad ever again”

RIP to Texas shooting victims

Advertisements Say a prayer 🙏 for these little angels that lost their lives when a gun welding teenager Ramos, ran into their class and started shooting at them. The victims, 17 children and 2 teachers were in the 4th grade class of Robb Elementary School whem the shooter entered ☠️ their class. The children areContinue reading “RIP to Texas shooting victims”

Shooting at a Night club in New jersey

Advertisements Lots of teenagers were shot at a Night club in Newark New jersey while having their after school party event. New jersey Police is putting the area under control. https://fb.watch/dlMMK_F9A4/

Social Media fans types that exist

Advertisements You will want to watch this video to know the types of Social Media fans like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, instagram and TikTok fans that exist. SHY SOCIAL MEDIA SERIAL KILLER SENTENCED TO DEATH https://fb.watch/djVTGKd8ak/ Analysing Social Media fans will and their behaviour

US Court to gift Nigerian fraudster Hushpuppi on Lover’s Day

Advertisements Popular Nigerian instagram celebrity Ramona Abbas alias Hushpuppi might be sentenced on February 14, 2022 saint Valentine or Lovers day. According to BBC Pidgin, this was confirmed by the Director of Media relations, Thom Mrozek of US Attorney’s Office of the Central District of California. Huspuppi was arrested last year by a team of FBI andContinue reading “US Court to gift Nigerian fraudster Hushpuppi on Lover’s Day”

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