Shocking Moment when Boko Haram Terrorists overran a Police Station, caught on Camera

Advertisements See the shocking moment Islamic Terrorist group Boko Haram attacked a Police Station in Maiduguri, Bornu State Northeastern part of Nigeria.

Nigerian Soldiers celebrating after successfully seeing terrorist off the Sambisa forests

Advertisements Video of Nigerian soldiers celebrating after they successfully killed scores of Boko Haram Terrorist and reclaimed large parts of the Sambisa forests. Boko Haram Terrorist have been Terrorising the Northern Nigeria for over 10 years now.

Bandits and Terrorist negotiations the new perfect way for laundering money for the Northern Nigeria leaders

Advertisements Latest Intelligence reports gathered from Nigeria reveals that the Northern Nigeria leaders are using Kidnappings, Bandit and Terrorist negotiations as the new and perfect way for laundering huge sums of money that are not traceable and can’t be monitored by the Economic Crimes Commission EFCC and getting away scot free.

Nashville Christmas Day Bombing Audio released

Nashville bombing. Photo credit New York Post.

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