Ukraine Russia war video

Advertisements Ukraine Russia war live footage video is a video of the current conflict ongoing in Ukraine. Russia President Vladimir Putin has declared a war on Ukraine and marched Russian army into Ukraine killing everyone Children, men, women and the Ukrainian soldiers with missiles, bomb, explosions, guns etc. Video shows Russian invasion into Ukraine withContinue reading “Ukraine Russia war video”

Russia Media published and deleted news of Ukraine takeover

Advertisements Russia Media wrote and deleted. Yahoo news reports states that RIA Novosti, a Russian state-run news outlet, published an article saying Ukraine lost to Russia.”Ukraine has returned to Russia,” said the article, which has since been deleted. Ukraine and Russia are still in conflict.A Russian state-run news agency prematurely published an article that saidContinue reading “Russia Media published and deleted news of Ukraine takeover”

Short story on Ukraine and Russia War

Advertisements A short story has gone viral on the the reason for the current Ukraine and Russia war or the Putin War. This short story was told by a twitter user onlinedescribes the reason for the war in using a simple children like storyline. see attached.

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