Nigerian Police shooting live bullets on Citizens

Advertisements Video of Nigerian Police shooting live bullets on citizens near Mbaise Owerri IMO State on Monday last week. Over a dozen people killed and their bodies carried away by the Nigerian authorities

Police dog rewarded for arresting a shooter

Advertisements A smart police dog was rewarded by Police Officer after it assisted in arresting a dangerous shooter in Brooklyn New York today Sunday June 6, 2021. Playful dog was happy to receive a Medal of Honor for its bravery and achievement.

Drama as police throw man out of Public place

Advertisements It was a little dramatic display when Police orders a man out a public place. Not wanting to go. They Police had to throw him out.

#Police #rescue man dumped in the Pit latherin by Kidnappers

Advertisements A Popular Politician in Nigeria was rescued by the Nigerian Police Force after kidnappers dumped him in the Pit latherin for over a week. More details coming.

Moment when Terrorists murders Police Officers in Rambo Style

Advertisements Watch the moment when Islamic terrorists of Boko haram murders scores of Policemen in Rambo style and take over a Police Station at Maiduguri Bornu State, Northern Nigeria.

Shocking Moment when Boko Haram Terrorists overran a Police Station, caught on Camera

Advertisements See the shocking moment Islamic Terrorist group Boko Haram attacked a Police Station in Maiduguri, Bornu State Northeastern part of Nigeria.

See when Rochas Okorocha exchanged words with Imo Government officials and slaped a journalist.

Advertisements Rochas slaps cameraman Watch the full moment Rochas Okorocha exchanged words with Imo State Government officials and tried to slap a cameraman trying to video him out of anger. Watch till the end.

Watch when Senator Rochas Okorocha get into heated argument before being arrested by the Imo State Government

Advertisements Rochas Okorocha arrested Watch the moment Senator Rochas Okorocha ex Governor of Imo State got into a heated argument before being arrested by the Present Governor of Imo State Hope Uzodinma security operatives.

Baby is stock

Advertisements Call the Police… SOS call … Baby is stock 😂. How are we gonna get her out there fast 🤣🤣🤣Wait how did you get your tiny head in there all by yourself

Wounded Capitol Police officer now dead

Wounded Capitol policeman now dead after riots at Capitol Hill Washington DC.

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