Russia Media published and deleted news of Ukraine takeover

Russia Media wrote and deleted. Yahoo news reports states that RIA Novosti, a Russian state-run news outlet, published an article saying Ukraine lost to Russia.”Ukraine has returned to Russia,” said the article, which has since been deleted.

Ukraine and Russia are still in conflict.A Russian state-run news agency prematurely published an article that said Russia has taken back Ukraine.”Ukraine has returned to Russia,” said the article, which ran on RIA Novosti and has since been taken down. “The West sees the return of Russia to its historical borders in Europe.”Ukraine is still in conflict with Russia. The US State Department on Monday accused Russia of “widespread” human rights abuses in Ukraine as its troops reportedly fired missiles at civilian areas.A copy of the original RIA Novosti article can be seen on the WayBack Machine, a tool that documents changes across websites over time. The article had an 8 a.m. timestamp and was scheduled to run on February 26, according to the archive.Read the original article on Business InsiderUkraine and Russia to hold talks MondayVideo from Russian news agency RIA Novosti showed the arrival of a Ukrainian delegation for talks with Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine has agreed to talks with Moscow, but it’s unclear whether they’ll lead to any breakthrough. (Feb. 28)

This is a move that has been condemned by widely on the social media outlets Twitter and facebook.

Russian state news accidentally publishes article saying Russia has defeat restored its ‘historical borders’

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