Jim Iyke announces he has converted to Muslim


Nigerian Nollywood actor Jim Iyke have announced he has converted to Muslim religion and social media reacts.

Religion is what makes you to be at peace with your God. Congratulations to Jim Iyke on his new found religion. Whatever rocks your boat and makes you a better man then push through it.


Jim Iyke debunks news he converted to Islam.


Shooting at a Night club in New jersey


Lots of teenagers were shot at a Night club in Newark New jersey while having their after school party event. New jersey Police is putting the area under control.


How Deborah was killed by her own classmates


Deborah Yakubu death 💀 the true story behind the gruesome murder and torture of Deborah. What exactly she said that made Muslim students of her school kill her for blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed.


Social Media fans types that exist


You will want to watch this video to know the types of Social Media fans like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, instagram and TikTok fans that exist.



Analysing Social Media fans will and their behaviour


Lolo Talk Show show some respect to Eucharia Anunobi


Lolo Talk Show Show some respect to Nollywood actress Eucharia Anunobi. This video addresses popular facebook blogger Lolo Talk Show on what she said about veteran Nollywood actress Eucharia Anunobi.


Osinachi Nawachukwu ‘s Death: Our father tied our mother and asked us to flog her.


There was pandemonium at the residence of the late Nigerian gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu after her Children revealed their father Mr. Peter Nwachukwu tied their late mother and ordered them to flog the hell out of her.

This revelation has sparked outrage among the Christian the entire Nigerian Christian community and Africa as a whole. Many pastors, Christian leaders, Reverend fathers and even Imams have come out to condemn the barbaric way the man treated the wife Osinachi that led to her death.

Young couples have been advised to flee from their partners once a marriage union becomes toxic and domestic violence sets in.

Until her demise Osinachi Nwachukwu was a co singer in one of the most popular Nigerian gospel praise and worship songs. “Ekwueme”

Korra Obidi divorce quotes after breakup with husband Justin Dean


Popular African dancer and Singer Korra Obidi drops one of the hottest divorce quotes on her Facebook page after husband Justin Dean abandons her and her kids just 4 days after childbirth.

See videos



Click on the link to watch full video

Korra Obidi divorce quotes after breakup with husband Justin Dean

Ukraine News : US Warns China against helping Putin in Russia Ukraine war


The US has warned China against helping Russia in Ukraine News update. The US has warned that China will get harsh consequences if it aids Russia in the war against Ukraine and war might escalate into a third World war.

Washington revealed China will face more sanctions if it tries to help Russia in the war and the war is going to escalate into a much dreaded Third World War.

US warns China against helping Putin escalate the 3rd World War

Animal Farm Cow boy cattle Ranch


A very nice view of Animal farms and cow ranches at the farmers market. Beautiful site of fat cows ready for sale at market near me this weekend.

Well farmers markets sell on Tuesdays and Saturday every week in most US cities. You get to buy very fresh meat just cut in front of you. You can feel the freshness no preservatives added.

A young lady I met was telling her friend surprisingly she never knew such place existed. In her words she said “I have lived in the United States of America all my life I never heard of this place. Look I am 35 this year and i have bought all my food from the grocery store”.

Yes it may suprise you to know that 80 percent of people living in America have never been to farmers market. They just shop their food from nearby grocery stores.

Most farmers market are usually located on the outskirts of the city and very far away from cities. But trust me its worth it if you can drive down. You get fresh food no chemicals preservatives added and make your food fresh.

Farmers market animal farm

Portable Already made houses for sale


Yes you heard right its just as it sounds they are mini portable houses already made for rent, Sale or lease.

Newly built nice design house sale or rent. You can just pay for any design you want and take it home. Every house ware have been installed ready for use.

They were built and carved by a carpentry school and most of the units are final year graduating projects. Sounds nice and yes looks nice too.

To see some petite yet classy housing units ready to go just drop and park in. Amusing as it sounds.

The roof is low and you might have to bend over all the time u inside the house or probably work around on your knees. Funny isn’t it? Well you might still use them as kids play ground store rooms or just a pet house.

Portable houses for sale

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