How I started earning $150k after I enrolled for Cyber Security Training at Jomay

A young Lady Susan Doles have revealed the wonders happening at Jomay Services IT training school. In her tweet she described the Training School as a World Class IT Training School.

“This School is amazing when I first got here I didn’t even have enough money because I just immigrated into the United States and had no job, no career etc. But they welcomed me with open hands and with the little money I had on me I was able to register for online classes. Classes were super easy because they were 100% online and so I could attend from the comfort of my home. I did training for 3 months and after that Jomay Services helped me to Secure a job and I cant say how excited I am today. I now earn $150k a year just less than a year I entered America. And guess what? the best part is that my certificate is recognized not only in USA but every part of the world.”

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