Social Media fans types that exist

Advertisements You will want to watch this video to know the types of Social Media fans like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, instagram and TikTok fans that exist. SHY SOCIAL MEDIA SERIAL KILLER SENTENCED TO DEATH Analysing Social Media fans will and their behaviour

SAG Awards 2022: Squid game Actors Win Big

Advertisements SAG Awards 2022 brings together Hollywood’s finest celebrities. Netflix Award winning movie wins big. Remember the green light … red light scary movie SQUID GAME. Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series Jennifer Aniston, “The Morning Show”. Jung Ho-yeon, “Squid Game” *WINNER. Elisabeth Moss, “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Sarah Snook, “Succession” Reese Witherspoon,Continue reading “SAG Awards 2022: Squid game Actors Win Big”

Police dog rewarded for arresting a shooter

Advertisements A smart police dog was rewarded by Police Officer after it assisted in arresting a dangerous shooter in Brooklyn New York today Sunday June 6, 2021. Playful dog was happy to receive a Medal of Honor for its bravery and achievement.

Most beautiful places in the world Penn Station New York

Advertisements Watch below video The most beautiful places in the World and the most beautiful sight seeing places anyone can ever dream of visiting. Right here is one at the 34th street Penn Station New York. It’s really a masterpiece and a world class standard recommended 💯 percent for family vacations and holidays anytime ofContinue reading “Most beautiful places in the world Penn Station New York”

Riverdale Station Beautiful places and more in the United States

Advertisements Most beautiful and serene natural places in the World Riverdale Subway station Bronx New York City.

Car and Truck traffic systematic movement

Advertisements watch this video and discover how car and trucks move in systematic way in highly developed cities of the world

Love Garden beautiful art

Advertisements This is a collection of beautiful art showing a man and woman in a love garden. Artistic structures used to beautify homes are still in vogue anytime any day.

A tour on Times Square beautiful site to behold

Advertisements A tour on Times Square New York beautiful site to behold. A must see.

Tour on Long Island Railroad

Advertisements A little tour to Long Island Railroad reveals what is like to be in New York City. Beautiful site very within Manhattan New York City. A lovely place to visit in whenever you want to visit United States and New York. Visiting the USA this summer? Nice places to see abound in New YorkContinue reading “Tour on Long Island Railroad”

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