Animal Farm Cow boy cattle Ranch

A very nice view of Animal farms and cow ranches at the farmers market. Beautiful site of fat cows ready for sale at market near me this weekend.

Well farmers markets sell on Tuesdays and Saturday every week in most US cities. You get to buy very fresh meat just cut in front of you. You can feel the freshness no preservatives added.

A young lady I met was telling her friend surprisingly she never knew such place existed. In her words she said “I have lived in the United States of America all my life I never heard of this place. Look I am 35 this year and i have bought all my food from the grocery store”.

Yes it may suprise you to know that 80 percent of people living in America have never been to farmers market. They just shop their food from nearby grocery stores.

Most farmers market are usually located on the outskirts of the city and very far away from cities. But trust me its worth it if you can drive down. You get fresh food no chemicals preservatives added and make your food fresh.

Farmers market animal farm

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